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Chaityabhoomi Film Project

Chaityabhoomi Film Project

Chaitanyabhumi film poster

Somnath Waghmare

Dear all, I am plannning to edit our Chaityabhoomi film project this month. We plan to complete the edit by mid-July.

After that, I want to organize film screenings online and with organisations who are interested in it. We will release the film to all on 6th December, 2021.

About the Film

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar stayed in Mumbai for most of his life, and when he died on December 6, 1956, his last rites were performed near the sea at Dadar. His followers later built Chaityabhoomi at that spot.

Every year, lakhs of Dalit-Bahujan across the nation visit this place and pay tribute to their revolutionary leader. But the city’s media and elite Mumbaikars only show disdain for this peaceful event. This documentary film will bring to light the history and cultural politics of how people commemorate December 6th at Chaityabhoomi and what its relevance is for contemporary India.
Introducing the beautiful poster for the Chaityabhoomi Documentary Film. The film goes for editing soon.

Chaitanyabhumi film poster


Somnath Waghmare is a Documentary Filmmaker and Research Scholar at TISS Mumbai.