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Who has the right to be Beautiful: Reflections on Caste, Class & Colorism

Durga Hole One day I went street shopping in Chembur in Mumbai. After buying the thing I asked the shopkeeper for a concession. He was not ready for it then my friend from Bihar just added that ‘Bhaiya de dona wo Maharashtra se hi hai’ (give it to her, she is from Maharashtra). He was …


EI not AI: Ethical AI and Inclusivity

Sumedha Makula  It’s not a human but a robot. Odisha’s first private news channel, OTV, has launched its first Artificial Intelligence news anchor, Lisa. It’s a milestone in new technological journalism. It struck me that it was a robot, not a human. But the technocratic oligarchs, who are in the majority male, white, and casteist, …


Beauty Bias: Confronting Prejudices based on Skin Tone

Kavita Janbandhu The concept of beauty is a social construct. It is founded on societally accepted ideas that have become ingrained in our systems and psyches and are accepted as the norm. These ideals of beauty gradually become imprinted in our minds on a micro level, influencing how we act. There is a two-way link …


Menstrual Hygiene Management in Sarawasti an- Aspirational District of Uttar Pradesh.

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  Shubhangi Rawat  Abstract Menstruation, a normal biological process in the female body, is often viewed as dirty and disgusting. Because of the negative perceptions and discussions on the topic of menstrual hygiene, especially with girls who have just begun menstruating. It is regarded as a taboo and hence there is little knowledge about menstrual hygiene practices. School girls …