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Why Are They Scared Of Periyar’s Statues?

Bodhi Ramteke  Statues represent symbolic actions. They are responsible for more than just remembering history or culture. The process of installing a statue is one of many ways to demonstrate assertion against oppressors and reclaiming places that were denied in the Bramhanical social structure. Among oppressed communities, statues have played a significant role in increasing …


Two poems by Meera

Meera This freedom is not ours   In a tank in Mahad, Long back, he fought- Not for the stale water, But for us, to be seen- As humans. The tank is still there, Stale and filled with moss, Like your eyes- jaundiced, With the moss of manusmriti!   Another boy was killed- For the …


Covid-19 And Caste Stigma: From Bahujan Women’s Standpoint

Manoj Madame Source: Migrant workers and their families walking home during the first lockdown. (PTI 2020) Covid-19 and Caste stigma: From Bahujan Women’s Standpoint The entire world has been suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic since the virus broke out in China in October 2019. And most health professionals have suggested maintaining social distance and physical …


Caste In School Education

Pabitra Saha  The diversity of society in India plays an important role in the assumptions of any theory when we are living in social, economic, political, and cultural hierarchies. The understanding of freedom, dignity, self-esteem, etc. must be seen in the context of Indian society, where these are absent in the unprivileged, marginalized, deprived society. …


The Misunderstood Identity Of Adivasis: An Overview

Chhotelal Kumar  Adivasis are often referred to as ‘aboriginal’, ‘autochthonous’, or ‘tribal’. However, the government classified them as Scheduled Tribes, which is more of an administrative status than a meaningful community classification. This classification generalises everyone, and it is an example of colonial continuity. However, there is a distinction between being Adivasi and being Tribal. …


Two poems by Jitendra Suna

jitendra suna

Jitendra Suna   Beauty Conundrum The beauty It lures me, So does the voice, Of Lata Mangeshkar, When I see & hear it, I desire it I seek it! But, then There is a silent revolt Against the beauty, The voice. It exasperates me It itches my mind For its perfection Its flawed existence The …