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Reevaluating ‘ST’ Status: A Tani Christian’s Reflection on Identity and Cultural Preservation in Arunachal Pradesh

Minkeng (Lùhng) In what was once the peaceful state of Arunachal, the land where the sun first smiles, there has been a systematic attempt, by certain fringe elements to divide the Tani Community- be it creating hatred among Nyisis, Galos, Tagins or Adis, but also creating an atmosphere of hatred based on religiouns. This is …


The Many forms of Brahmin Self fashioning: Victimhood, Superiority and Negations

Sumeet Samos Introduction During a conversation with a friend recently, he suggested I check out the Gates Cambridge Scholarships. Casually, I checked into LinkedIn, and immediately three to four names popped up: one Tamil Brahmin and the other three Bengali Brahmins. We smiled at each other and said, “Of course, who else?” without being surprised …


The Forgotten Dhalavakullam Strike of Vaikom

Naveen Prasad Alex The Vaikom Satyagraha (from March 30, 1924, to November 23, 1925) is well known as an anti-caste struggle in Kerala and has played a major role in the Kerala reformation movement. It was a historic anti-untouchability movement for access to the prohibited public roads around Vaikom Temple in the Kingdom of Travancore. …


Gains of National Parties: A step towards progression or regression for the state of Telangana?

Anvesh Baki & Ashok Danavath Historically, federalism in India has suffered at the hands of national parties, especially when they got a comfortable majority in the parliament. The incumbent party at the center, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and its opposition party at the center, the Indian National Congress (INC)—both have their fair share in …


Post Ideological in Popular Dalit Discourse

rahul sonpimple with scarf

Rahul Sonpimple The post-Ambedkar Dalit discourse can be broadly outlined through three key developments in the Dalit movement: 1) the struggle for constitutional rights, 2) the mission for political autonomy, and 3) the quest for alternative culture through Ambedkar’s Buddhism. While mainstream Dalit politics has largely remained fragmented, there is noticeable strengthening in both non-political …


Dalit Visions for the future: Where do we go from here?

Sumeet Samos Hundred years ago, to walk on many public streets would have been unimaginable for Dalits in this country; to drink water from public sources would have been met with physical violence; and to sit near caste Hindu students in a public school would have been opposed publicly. These were the established norms of …


Why Ashraaf Failed to Read the Writing on the Wall?


Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Javed Anand’s article titled Why Muslims should have gifted away the Babri Masjid: The mandir that could have been published in the Indian Express on January 20, 2024, poses more questions than it answers. Riding on the hindsight validation of the position that he took in October 1991 article published by the …


Sanghamitra Summer School: Preparing for the Modern Economy

Nikhil Bhagat and Prayag Dhanvij “Education is the milk of a tigress. Whoever drinks it can’t stay without roaring.” – B.R. Ambedkar We, the Bahujan people, have faced caste-based discrimination and restrictions for centuries, which have hindered our progress. Lack of education made us vulnerable to being enslaved by so-called upper-caste individuals. Education has played …