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Unmasking the Myth of “Neutral” Tech

pranav jeevan p

Pranav Jeevan P There is a popular myth that technology is neutral, but in reality, technology reinforces the hierarchical and exploitative power relations of the societies that create and use it. Throughout history, technological advancements have been deeply intertwined with acts of genocide, apartheid, and the exploitation of people. From the colonial era, where technological …


Is filmmaker Pa. Ranjith an anti-Periyarist?

Sree Govind Bharatvaraj In the recent past, the popular filmmaker Ranjith has been overtly criticized as an anti-Periyarist and a Hindutva supporter by Dravidian intellectuals and Periyarists. Starting from senior intellectuals like Suba Veerapandian to young Periyarists, this criticism is framed around Ranjith. But how far this argument is true is a serious one that …


Fascist, Brahmin, corporate threat against Dr Ambedkar’s Deekshabhumi

Dr Ratnesh Katulkar Deekshabhumi is a site where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar embraced Buddhism on October 14, 1956 along with his five lakh followers. However, this place of historical and spiritual significance is now facing an existential crisis. Common persons’ entry to the upcoming Dhammachakra Pravartan Divas in October could be permanently restricted if things continue …


UP ke anpadh budhhijeevi: Why you must thank Kanshiram, Mayawati and BSP for this election result

Vaishali Khandekar India eagerly, almost anxiously, waited for the results of the 2024 General Elections and witnessed a surprising outcome on June 04, 2024. Uttar Pradesh is one of the states that surprised viewers the most. Going completely against the labels of a sweeping BJP victory in all the 80 seats of UP, the public …


Reevaluating ‘ST’ Status: A Tani Christian’s Reflection on Identity and Cultural Preservation in Arunachal Pradesh

Minkeng (Lùhng) In what was once the peaceful state of Arunachal, the land where the sun first smiles, there has been a systematic attempt, by certain fringe elements to divide the Tani Community- be it creating hatred among Nyisis, Galos, Tagins or Adis, but also creating an atmosphere of hatred based on religiouns. This is …