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Viva Voce discrimination and the need to document anecdotal experiences of Caste

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  Neha Whenever an issue of discrimination against marginalized students in higher educational institutions comes in to light, there are always narratives that are projected in mainstream space to deny casteism. Narratives that are thrown towards marginalized communities demanding answers from them rather than institutions taking accountability. Recently majority marginalized students applying for JNU’s PhD …


Inventing False Gods


  Dr. Manisha Bangar and Dr. Anuradha Bele Babasaheb has pointed out that religion has gone through four stages where originally it was for salvation of one’s soul, then it became a moral compass for maintaining brotherhood, but in its third and fourth stage, it became a practice of worshipping those who performed miracles. India, …


Why am I afraid of English?

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Durga Hole Recently, I was reading an academic paper ‘The Culture Industry Enlightenment as a Mass Deception’ by Adorno Theodor Horkheimer. The words were familiar to me but I was not able to understand the meaning of the sentences. I could not follow the flow of the language because I was stuck on individual words. …


Tools of Dronacharyas


Pranav Jeevan P आरक्षणइसलिएनहींहैकिएकलव्यकमजोरहै, आरक्षणइसलिएहैक्योंकिद्रोणाचार्यहरामखोरहै   The story of Ekalavya repeats every day in Indian society, in our academia and professions where Dronacharyas of today use various tools to deny those coming from marginalized sections their rightful opportunities. The recent events, the declaration of results of JNU PhD entrance exams which shed light onto the …


సామాజిక విప్లవ దార్శనికుడు ‘మహాత్మా’ జోతిరావు ఫూలే

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  పల్లికొండ మణికంఠ ప్రపంచంలో ‘జ్ఞానం’ తన ఉనికిని ‘సాహిత్యం’, ‘తత్వశాస్త్రం’ ద్వారా అందరిలోకి తీసుకెళ్లిన సంగతి మనకు తెలుసు. అయితే ఇండియా లో ఈ సాహిత్యం, తత్వశాస్త్రం, ఒక వర్గం/వర్ణం దగ్గరే ఆధ్యాత్మికంగా, నైతికంగా ఉండిపోయిన సంగతి చాలా వరకు అంగీకరించే దాఖలాలు కనపడవు. ఈ సామజిక విధానం వల్ల ఆధిపత్య సంబంధాలు (power relations) ఏర్పడి, ‘జ్ఞానం’ ఆ వర్ణానికి సంబందించిన వాళ్లకే అన్ని లాభాలు పొందగలిగేలా చేసింది. ఈ దేశంలో ఉన్న చాతుర్వర్ణ్య కుల వ్యవస్థ, …


Buddhist Sangha — an embodiment of gender neutrality

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  Dr Amritpal Kaur  When an ideology for restructuring of human nature and society becomes a religious cult, it not only loses its spirit of rationality and political relevance but its professional representatives also degenerate into mere religious organizations. It then becomes impossible for such a psycho-social philosophy to maintain its effectiveness, particularly in the …