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When will the suicides of Dalit, Tribal students stop?

Vikas Parashram Meshram Referring to the recent incident of the alleged suicide of Darshan Solanki, a Dalit student in their first year of B.Tech at IIT Bombay, the 50th Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, said suicide incidents among marginalized students are on the rise, and research has proven it. In February, there was the …


Sterlite Wins Again

Bobby Kunhu “Charles Darwin is wrong: only the closest to the Government will survive” – Ljupka Cvetanova On 18th October, 2022, two reports were tabled before the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, the first report by a Commission of Inquiry headed by Retd. Justice A. Arumaghaswamy looked into the circumstances under which former 68-year-old Chief Minister, …