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Born a Woman



At times they tell me- I am a goddess,

And they drape me-


In sandalwood and red, And carry me along- Around the temple.


Sometimes they cry- When I am born- Who’ll pay the dowry- When she is finally off- To her in-laws’ place!


At times they gawk, At me on the streets,

Their mouths whistling,


The songs brute and vulgar, And I keep my head down.


Other times they parade, My body on the streets, For men to thrash around, Spewing their hatred-

On my dead old soul!


From goddess to the streets, It’s the curse I have to bear- For I am born a woman-

In a land that boasts about- As the land of Bharat Mata!


Meera is a Delhi-based activist working in the field of education. She is also a solo traveler and a fitness enthusiast.

Image of ‘Bharat Mata’ by Abanindranath Tagore courtesy: the internet. 

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