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Two poems by Meera

Meera This freedom is not ours   In a tank in Mahad, Long back, he fought- Not for the stale water, But for us, to be seen- As humans. The tank is still there, Stale and filled with moss, Like your eyes- jaundiced, With the moss of manusmriti!   Another boy was killed- For the …


Two poems by Jitendra Suna

jitendra suna

Jitendra Suna   Beauty Conundrum The beauty It lures me, So does the voice, Of Lata Mangeshkar, When I see & hear it, I desire it I seek it! But, then There is a silent revolt Against the beauty, The voice. It exasperates me It itches my mind For its perfection Its flawed existence The …


Hands off my rights!

Nourin N K   Hands off my rights! Like the damaged headlight Of my neighbour’s rickshaw, At first, My country flickered In deadly saffron, Was it a warning? Are we all dead? No! No! No! I see a living ghost, Hovering over Hopeless future. Gates closed, crowds gathered, But you are still too weak to …


Meeting You


  Chanchal Kumar “Tumko maine bataya AK called me? He is releasing his second book at India Habitat Centre and he wants me to read at the event. Unkey doosre poet friends will read their poems too.”“So talented boy! Kab hai ye?”“Next week. Sunday, 7th.”“Arrey yaar!”“Kya?”“Uss din hamara welcome party hai, Arunachal Bhawan mei. I …