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Hands off my rights!

Hands off my rights!

Nourin N K


Hands off my rights!

Like the damaged headlight

Of my neighbour’s rickshaw,

At first,

My country flickered

In deadly saffron,

Was it a warning? Are we all dead?

No! No! No! I see a living ghost,

Hovering over

Hopeless future.

Gates closed, crowds gathered,

But you are still too weak to face my sisters

Who are all alone and equally brave.

I can hear your fear whimper

Under that hate stinking chant,

Mouthing those goons in power.

You think you can shut our voice?

Ah! How naïve of you!

You think your chanting will burn our skin?

Ah! How little you know!

India! You are no longer

A sense of pride

In my oppressed veins,

Ripping off my rights

As if I am in the grave.

Our screams have become

Your source of laughter,

Our lives have become

A plaything in your leisure centre.

I pity! I pity your foxy play

I spit on your cowardly political games.

Call it your so called liberal thoughts!

Name it as democracy!

Oh wait! But You have forgotten to hide your bloody hands in haste.

Is it our religion that offends you?

Or the way we cover ourselves!

Or should I ask, Are you altogether terrified?

Do not dare to bind us as

Yet another victims,

We have names and beliefs

Strength and equality

We too are the citizens of this nation,

Celebrated in the name of so called diversity.

Paint those oceans in your

Inhuman saffron if you can,

Smudge those clouds in

Ugly hue if you want,

But our blood will remain

As divine as our faith;

Together and powerful in unity.


Nourin N K, from Kerala, is a graduate in English language and literature and is currently pursuing MA in English language and literature from Madappally Government College. She’s the author of the book Untying My Wings, a collection of poetry. She is an art enthusiast and loves sketching and painting as well.