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In the Land of Fair and Foul, where Sunaina Singh is the Honourable Mata

In the Land of Fair and Foul, where Sunaina Singh is the Honourable Mata

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This is a response to the article written by the pseudo author Pravin Patel, Assistant Professor of Banaras Hindu University and the stooges of the EFL Administration that he represents,  on 27-10-2015 in the OpEdNews blog (

Dear Sir,

It is in regard to your letter that I have been moved to respond. I firmly believe that your article is not written by you. I am overwhelmed by the loyalty and sincerity that you still feel towards the administration for which you have no qualms in risking the ethics of research and lending your name to an article written by somebody else. Maybe, it is time for you to show your sincerity and unquestioning obedience to the honourable Mata and risk everything in your capacity (your petty research, your petty brains, and your petty life) to be in her good books.

urine eflu

Yes dear sir, the EFL University that was once a haven of intellect and a place to discuss Derrida and Foucault in the 30 acre lush green campus away from the grim realities of life has now been ravaged by the SC, ST, OBC – Hyderabadi Gangs of EFLU – and their elitist demands on caste, class and gender. I understand the angst and pain in your letter, dear sir, that despite the repeated and consistent efforts of the EFLU admin to cleanse the atmosphere through numerous Saraswati Pujas, Vinayak Chaturthis, COP courses in Sanskrit, Holi and Dusshera, the Asuras of EFL University are becoming stronger. Moreover, the list goes on: with the creation of the department called “India Studies” to especially promote Sanskrit Literature and Hindu ideologies etc., your right-wing professors have made it a point that no student in this department will be given a seat, unless his or her research proposal is on Sanskrit texts as a comparative study.

Yet in this serene landscape, there now stands an actual Ambedhkar Statue in front of the administrative block. Must be such an abhorrence to the atmosphere of the university! The honourable VC and our self-proclaimed mother Sunaina Singh and her followers Kona Prakash Reddy (Proctor; Coordinator, Cell for the Disabled etc.), Jayant Dhupkar (illegally appointed OSD), are however not discouraged and are consistently trying to bring these Asuras to the ‘right’ path. For starters, the honourable Mother did not get into any discussion (what will she gain from discussing and talking with ‘low’ intellectuals) and promptly sacrificed two goats on top of the Administrative building to get rid of the strong Dalit stench and filed police cases against the usually suspected Asuras on campus.

It has been bad, awful actually. Yet, in the days you had been here dear sir, you might have witnessed the honourable Mother’s painstaking effort to correct the order of things and put the Asuras on track. Discipline is the order of the day. She has not been deterred from spending lakhs to install 100 odd security cameras in the 30 acre campus. Who cares that the journals are not being renewed in the library? Education can wait, but discipline needs to be restored. A number of students were dropped from their courses last semester, for reasons that ranged from late fines to failure to submit assignments – some were made to drop an entire semester and lose a year. The dictum ‘Spare the rod spoil the child’ was not even toned down for the girl who was sexually assaulted within the campus that same semester (She sure must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time probably wearing the wrong dress too). Why should the rules be relaxed for her?

Hail the Mother for her administrative ability, for the reduction of intake of students from marginalized backgrounds and for her regressive academic knowledge wherein she has merged disciplines according to her own wishes going against the historical evolution of knowledge disciplines.

Our revered Mata has done a lot for the university. For example, financial misappropriation of crores of rupees in the first months of her tenure, countless police cases on people who fought for exposing the irregularities, a number of rustications, removal of scholarships for students coming from POOR backgrounds, the removal of health credit letter system (as a result of which two students died), demolition of buildings, installation of CCTV cameras all over the campus, illegal ad hoc postings, etc etc… This is just the tip of iceberg of the credentials of the honourable vice chancellor.

You were right dear sir, when you said ‘honour, dignity, image and academic excellence of EFLU would collapse forever if a group of people with vested interest takes over and controls the functioning of the university’. A group such as our VC, Proctor, OSD and not to mention your friends from right wing student organizations who betrayed the student community and the movement for justice and backstabbed it and now are enjoying their due share of posts in EMMRC and printing press respectively (as mere clerks)?

Who cares about the background and conspiracies that led to the removal of the deputy finance officer? For minds like ours, dear sir, attuned to the worship of Sarawasti, the Muslim man should suffer for his cooperation with the constitutional body, Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). After all it was his commitment to his duty that was extremely instrumental for the CAG to declare in its report about the crores of financial misappropriation by the honourable mother and the quid pro quo role of hers in promotions and granting financial advantages to the upper caste teachers.The DFO who fell prey to the nice talks of a fellow Muslim from the same region he hails from, is now a languishing victim. The fellow Muslim from the same region has enjoyed posts after posts and increased his salary by sacrificing DFO at the altar of Mata VC.

True to your comments sir, the student unions of Hyderabad, i.e., Telangana, and others working for SC, ST, OBC and Minorities and even the mainstream press including Namaste Telangana, Andhra Jyoti, Eenadu, Sakshi, Times of India, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, the Hans India, and every other newspaper except The Hindu (which printed the news as the Reddy wanted) should actually be branded as problematic vermin, for they tried exposing the truth to the public. You are forgetting that these are the gangs which have fought for implementation of SC, ST, OBC and PWD reservation on the campus, for the rights of contract employees, and not to mention the struggle for the separate statehood for Telangana (in your opinion the movement is a divisive agitation against the national integrity) and many more. How can we accept such vermin?

I would like to remind you dear sir that the so-called ‘genuine issues’ of mess and food shortage you were addressing in your pseudo authored article, still remain unresolved and lie where they were years back in the regime of the most capable administrator vice chancellor. However, there seems no reason to complain since the administration is at least regulating the appearance of non-vegetarian food in the mess.

Our honourable Mother goes to great lengths to make sure that everyone is treated equally. Admission of a visually challenged PhD girl from the Department of Cultural Studies was recently cancelled because she flunked in a course. Authorities did not think that it is important to help her out. Not only did the authorities refuse to take up the issue, when urged to see the matter from the point of view of disability (the audacity these people have to divide the students on such issues), they did not err from mentioning, “This is not a new thing,we have failed students before”. There is, however, a minor setback for them here. The honourable High Court has gone against the university decision saying that the girl be reinstated on Campus. But not to worry dear sir, given the recent track record of the High Courts and Supreme Court in India, it will not be too long when our honourable mother will be able to reach out to the High Court to retract its decision for reinstating the visually challenged girl in the name of ‘national interest.’

What the Asuras did with the case of Mudassir Kamran, a Kashmiri Muslim, is indeed beyond ordinary parameters of filth in the public sphere. To question the then proctor who handed over a Kashmiri Muslim to police because he was unable to solve a small quarrel between two friends, was a petty means of craving attention. So what the Proctor, a Brahmin, said was that Mudassir needed mental counseling from the police. Who cares that the university lost the precious life of a meritorious student. The Brahmin in question should not have been questioned!

The fight against the continuous caste discrimination in the German department as a result of which many of the SC, ST, and OBC students had to leave their courses unfinished, might also be seen as divisive and interest hungry conspiracies of the Asuras. Were you there when the only reading room and later the library were also closed at the peak time during exams? No you were, I think, busy in your pujas of the revered Mata, busy chanting the mantras:

Even if fellowships are cut and surveillance is rampant,

I should NOT have a problem with any decision of the administrations;

Even if a girl gets raped on the eve of Run for Safety Day in EFLU,

I should NOT object to the denial of action by the administration;

Even if the Conference room is changed to Mata’s Chamber,

I should NEVER raise any questions about the financial corruption of the administration;

As long as there are Pujas and no beef,

I should NEVER have any problems when women from the cleaning staff are forced to sell themselves for nights at the EFLU guest house by the people in the administration;

As long as I am untouched,

I should NOT have a problem when your fellow students die due to discrimination and abuse of the power by the administration;

But NEVER NEVER, no matter what happens,

NEVER Listen to the bleeding throats of the Asuras as they fight for justice and democracy!

By the time you come back, (and with faculty recruitments around the corner, we know you will) the place will no longer be the place you left in distress and disbelief. For starters, our honourable mother has appointed an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Mr. Jayant Dhupkar to to look into all matters of the campus. From evicting students to barging into the girls’ hostel in the middle of the night with ten other male workers, to making sure that we get vegetarian food on festive days (and penalizing students who take extra curd). Not to mention, he was kind enough to ask the mess-workers not to eat food from the mess, knowing pretty well that they come to work at six in the morning and leave at three in the afternoon, Mr. Dhupkar has been able to maintain discipline everywhere. If only we had Mr. Dhupkar as an OSD back in 2014, you and your fellow mates would not have met any problems for peeing on the beef cooked during the beef festival. I remember you clearly sir, the look of disbelief of on seeing the beef, when you threw bottles of urine on the cooked food and vandalized the mess. Which Brahmin in their right senses could accept such typical Asura behavior? But we did have a nice time, then sir, did we not? People were taught their lesson and minority students ran fearing for their lives! Ah the high! Those were the Golden times EFLU must return too. And as they are returning to it, elitist gangs of EFLU read it as the death of equality and democracy and call their struggle R. I. P. EFLU.

I hope the trip to Varanasi has done you good. A dip a day keeps the Asuras away!

It is obvious from your language that you do not want any change other than a personal one which can award you a post. It is obvious if one looks around in the campus who has vested interests and who fought selflessly for students’ just causes. The people who are rewarded with rustications, police cases, fines of thousands of rupees, show-cause notices, reduction of fellowships have fought for their vested selfish interests while the people who are now are promoted as professors for their service to the honourable Mataji, given illegal ad hoc posts, given posts in EMMRC and printing press and other projects have always worked selflessly for the larger interest of the nation. Wah Proctor saab, sorry professor saab. Hats off, to your interpretation!

 ~ ASURA, A Student from English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad