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National SC Commission reprimands EFLU Administration: VC summoned to Delhi

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  DABMSA EC April 19, 2016. Today, members of the EFL University administration responded to the summons by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Koonal Duggal and other students from EFLU and members of the administration – the Registrar, the Deputy Proctor, the Anti-discrimination Officer and the Dean of Students’ Welfare – deposed before Smt. …


In the Land of Fair and Foul, where Sunaina Singh is the Honourable Mata

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 Asura This is a response to the article written by the pseudo author Pravin Patel, Assistant Professor of Banaras Hindu University and the stooges of the EFL Administration that he represents,  on 27-10-2015 in the OpEdNews blog ( Dear Sir, It is in regard to your letter that I have been moved to respond. I firmly believe …


An open letter to the EFL Community from Teachers’ Front for Justice and Democracy

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We write this to clarify certain positions regarding the formation of TFJD. While it is not our intention to target individuals or make polemical statements we want to express our views on the recent issues on campus. The Teacher’s Association’s Involvement in the current Academic and Administrative Deadlock on Campus * A general body meeting …


Justice for Mudasir Kamran, Munavath Sriramulu and others: EFLU Students’ Struggles

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes [This article consists of two parts: the first part is a statement issued by the Dalit Camera Team on the events surrounding the tragic death of a Kashmiri student, Mudasir Kamran (read more about his death here), in the English and Foreign Languages University campus, Hyderabad,  and the protests …