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Savarna Saviors and Subaltern Stereotypes: The Caste Problem in ‘Panchayat’  

neeraj bunker 2020

Neeraj Bunkar In a previous article for Round Table India, I analysed the depiction of caste dynamics in Season 2 of the web series ‘Panchayat’. The series portrayed a village dominated by ‘upper caste’(Brahmins), while Dalits are depicted as struggling to secure basic amenities, such as toilets. This is exemplified through the character of Vinod, …


Victory for the Adivasi Land Struggle in Nilambur

Naveen Prasad Alex The land struggle of the Adivasis of Nilambur, Kerala, has ended after 314 days of hunger strike. The decision is based on the agreement made with the Malappuram collector. The strike was ended on the condition that 50 cents of land would be given to the 60 landless tribal families within six …


Challenging ‘De-Reservation’ and Reevaluating ‘Merit’: On Brahmanical Vocabulary and Praxis of Exclusion

Iniyavan M & Lalitha M “Those responsible for implementing the policy of Reservation must undoubtedly understand that “Reservation is neither a policy matter, a political gimmick nor a matter of Charity. It is a Constitutional Obligation” – Dr B. R Ambedkar In the line of policies aimed at systematic and sustained remoulding of the reservation policy …


“I am ready to go. I have no fear”: Chhatrapati Shahu


“I am ready to go. I have no fear.”— Chhatrapati Shahu (A reply to Abhinav Chandrachud regarding the chapter on Chhatrapati Shahu in his book  ‘These seats are reserved’. ) Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase “In fact, there is evidence that the British might have provoked Shahu to take strong actions against the Brahmins in Kolhapur …


Dalit Assertion in the State of Gujarat

Satish Parghi In the vibrant tapestry of Gujarat’s socio-political landscape, a significant and powerful movement has emerged— Dalit assertion. Rooted in a history of discrimination and social marginalization, this movement represents the collective voice of Gujarat’s Dalit community striving for equality, justice, and the recognition of their inherent dignity. This article delves into the historical …


The unworthy students of India: Why are students at the school level made caste and class conscious?

Nandini Singh “Students who enter through reservation have never had to work hard, knowing they will get a seat anyway” “…these students do not have the merit to survive in premier institutes like DU, IITs, AIIMS etc. and when they can’t handle the academic standard they expect, they drop out. Or kill themselves” “…I hate …