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Can the VBA Secure Representation and Challenge Established Political Players?  

Ajinkya Sanjay Khandizod Introduction The political landscape in Maharashtra has been characterized by ongoing turmoil, with each passing day bringing new episodes of drama. In the midst of this chaotic environment, the regional party Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) has a chance to find a silver lining. Founded in 2019, just ahead of the General Elections, …


Playing the Savior: Hindutva and Muslim Women’s Rights

Bobby Kunhu “Patriarchy is a kind of shirk (or idolatry)… stemming from the Satanic notion of istikbar (thinking of oneself as better than another)….”                                – Amina Wadud, Inside the Gender Jihad: Women’s Reform in Islam Muslim communities, like every other theistic or atheistic social system, are hegemonic and patriarchal. But, in a virulently Muslimophobic world, …


Sayed-Ashraaf Outreach To Brahmin-Savarna: Scope And Limitations


Dr. Ayaz Ahmad[1] A group of Sayed-Ashraaf social elites met RSS head Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur recently. It included former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung, former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi, former Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Lieutenant General (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Rashtriya Lok Dal national vice-president Shahid Siddiqui and businessman Saeed …


Hands off my rights!

Nourin N K   Hands off my rights! Like the damaged headlight Of my neighbour’s rickshaw, At first, My country flickered In deadly saffron, Was it a warning? Are we all dead? No! No! No! I see a living ghost, Hovering over Hopeless future. Gates closed, crowds gathered, But you are still too weak to …


Indian Ethical Thought And Its Discontents: Shenanigans Of The Great International Shashi Tharoor

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  Umar Nizarudeen I am also surprised at the praise for this book from a sensible social science scholar like Neera Chandhoke, in another review. Caste-blind scholarship which draws a quick distinction between Hinduism and Hindutva is forcing the Congress of Rahul Gandhi to own Hinduism, as a strategy to bring the Congress back to …