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Age of Jai Bhim: What happens in Chaityabhumi, Mumbai?

Angel Sophan Growing up, I would hear from my friends and family who visited Mumbai that the must-visit places were Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Mannat, etc., and also to spice it up with a romanticized version of poverty by visiting Dharavi. As an adult, in retrospect, I have come to learn that even tourist attractions …


Prabuddha Bharata: Ambedkar’s Buddhist Rashtra-Nation

Rahul Sonpimple

Rahul Sonpimple In my Ph.D. fieldwork in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, I encountered two contrasting assertions regarding the role of Buddhism in the everyday lives of Dalits. The first assertion, claiming “Buddha is our god; Babasaheb gave us, we are not Hindus,” was prevalent among poor and illiterate Dalits in slums and villages. The …


The Era of Pseudo-Ambedkarism

Sankalp Gaikwad It has been approximately 2,563 years since the Buddha attained enlightenment and 66 years since Bodhisattva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar set the Dhamma Chakra in motion. Yet, within our society, a distinct phenomenon has emerged—a species. This species manifests primarily during Brahmanical festivals and remains conspicuously absent during Islamic or Christian celebrations. It exhibits …


Keep The Lamp Of Wisdom Burning

Shashank Kamble Part 1  Ambedkarite Buddhists have developed wisdom in every sphere of life. Ambedkarite Buddhists always come up with critical analyses of every philosophy, belief, and current event, just because of Bodhisattva Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. The question is how to keep this lamp of wisdom burning? How is our energy level? Does it rise …


कास्टिस्ट मुंबईस्पिरीट

somnath waghmare

  Somnath Waghmare मुंबई… नो नो, बॉम्बे! स्वप्ननगरी!! माझं गिरणी कामगार कुटुंब ठीक २५ वर्षांपूर्वी मुंबई शहरातून खेड्यात स्थलांतरीत झालं होतं. गिरण्या बंद पडल्यामुळे. पण मी आज याच शहरामध्ये भारतात नावाजलेल्या टाटा समाजविज्ञान संस्थेत एमफिल–पिएचडी करत आहे. मुंबईबद्दल एक समज खुप प्रचलित आहे — ‘मुंबईचं स्पिरीट’. ह्याचा अर्थ असा की शहरावर कोणतीही आपत्ती आली तरी …