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Dr. Ambedkar – The Iconoclast

Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase

It had taken aeons
for darkness to disappear
When the sun of hope rose
on the horizon of humanity;

One man against 33 Million
Inside the sanctum sanctorum,
Every atom in the clay idol trembled
The stones of the holy religion shook.

Armed with the weapon of knowledge,
The Iconoclast
Blew up the foundations of graded sanctity.
A believer of Ahimsa
But for once
Had to kill
The untrue sacredness.

Never before in history
Had such a miracle happened
People lost faith in the trembling Gods
Put trust in one Man.

Never will they forget
The “Awakened One”
Who Showed the way

Never will they forget
The Iconoclast &
his eternal battle for Justice.


Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase is an Assistant Professor in BJMC and Sassoon Hospital, Puneand has an M.D. Dermatology, and Fellowship in Diagnostic Dermatology.

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