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Two poems by Meera

Two poems by Meera


This freedom is not ours


In a tank in Mahad,

Long back, he fought-

Not for the stale water,

But for us, to be seen-

As humans.

The tank is still there,

Stale and filled with moss,

Like your eyes- jaundiced,

With the moss of manusmriti!


Another boy was killed-

For the sake of that water,

That he fought so hard for,

On that road, years back.

Another girl was killed,

Her innocence ravaged,

Her body left on rail tracks,

While you hoisted your flags!

You say- it’s been 75 years-

Since we got our independence-

Your ‘we’ doesn’t mean ‘us’-

For we are still in shatters!

We are broken, and trampled-

Under the heels of your scriptures,

While you sit in your bungalows-

With the ‘tricolour’ on your roofs!

You say we are free now-

And should cheer all aloud-

For what should we celebrate-

When this freedom is not ours!


I am Bilkis Bano


Did you hear?

I was raped-

My belly grown,

With baby unborn.

A three-year old,

Holding my arms.

Her cries piercing-

The air around,

But failing to reach-

The ears of those men.


Did you hear?

My girl was killed-

Her little skull cracked-

Smashed by those men-

Like a piece of stone.

She had dreams,

You know-

Like any other girl,

To fly and live-

The life she wished,

Without fear in her eyes.


Did you hear?

She cried again,

In the air of victory,

In front of that jail,

Where you served sweets.

Your heads held high,

For smashing her head,

For tearing my baby-

Out of my belly,

For the turns that you took-

In ravaging my modesty.


Did you hear?

Flags were hoisted-

In the house nearby.

They gave me a flag-

To put on my own roof.

My house is burnt,

My near and dear killed,

My dignity under their feet,

And now they walk free.

I should give them the flag,

And shout- you are free.


Did you hear?

He said women are powerful,

At the ramparts of the fort.

Teach them, he said-

And let them soar with wings.

What of those wings-

You cut in my belly?

And the one that held my hand?

And what of my own?

Am I not a woman?

Am I not to be empowered?


Meera is a Delhi-based activist working in the field of education. She is also a solo traveler and a fitness enthusiast.

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