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Two poems by Jitendra Suna

Two poems by Jitendra Suna

jitendra suna

Jitendra Suna


Beauty Conundrum

The beauty

It lures me,

So does the voice,

Of Lata Mangeshkar,

When I see & hear it,

I desire it

I seek it!

But, then

There is a silent revolt

Against the beauty,

The voice.

It exasperates me

It itches my mind

For its perfection

Its flawed existence

The more I seek it

the more I hate it!


The beauty

The voices,

The perfectness of your body,

Is an agent of the ruling class

Is the denial

Of imperfect existence.

It reminds me of

Why I become closer

To the beast than the beauty!


Sanatan Dharma

It was school time,

I had to take bath in the pond,


A Hindu woman was returning

It was a footpath,

I couldn’t make way


She shouted at me,

‘Dom Gaadesuaa!* How dare you!’


As if she was going to

swallow me inside her vagina!

How dare an untouchable boy cross her path,


Defiling her Sanatan Dharma!


*A derogatory term, a term of abuse which means ‘a man who sleeps inside a deep well’, which is understood in common parlance as ‘a man who sleeps inside a vagina’. 


Jitendra Suna was recently awarded PhD from JNU New Delhi. His thesis, titled, “History of Identities and Exclusion: Ambedkar and the Marginalised”, explores Ambedkar’s ideas on writing of history.