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Oscars and Epistemic violence on the Indigenous tribes of India

Dr. Abhijit Shahaji Khandkar Both the Oscar wins for India have indigenous tribes at their heart. A lot has been written about the insensitive treatment and portrayal of the Gond tribes in RRR. That’s no surprise coming from Rajamouli who is openly casteist and wears his Hindutva on his sleeves. The tribal characters, right from …


‘Begumpura Productions’

Dear friends, Jai Bhim. I’m excited to share about this new journey and the beginning of our ‘Begumpura Productions’- a space we’re creating to tell our stories. I have spent the last six years working in this elite field of documentary filmmaking with few resources, less privilege and zero caste capital. Very often, young, eager …


Chaityabhoomi Film Project

Chaitanyabhumi film poster

Somnath Waghmare Dear all, I am plannning to edit our Chaityabhoomi film project this month. We plan to complete the edit by mid-July. After that, I want to organize film screenings online and with organisations who are interested in it. We will release the film to all on 6th December, 2021.