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A film that celebrates the memory of Bhima Koregoan

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  Amarnath Sandipamu In January of 2017, at the screening of my film Bommalollu – The Puppeteers in Bangalore, Karthik Navayan, who then worked at Amnesty, introduced me to a young man as an apprentice at his organisation. He said he was interested in filmmaking and was enthusiastically happy about meeting me and another friend …


100 Years of the Mangaon Conference for the Rights of the Untouchables

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  Somnath Waghmare In 1920, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, aged 29, had just returned to India after completing his M.A and PhD at the University of Columbia in the USA. He began dialogues and meetings with the Dalit community for social rights. Mangaon is a village 20 kilometers away from Kolhapur city in Maharashtra, which was …


Indian Cinema and Dalit Representation


  Somnath Waghmare Indian society is a mere collection of various castes. The division of Indian society into countless castes has to be attributed to the Hindu Varna system, which undertook this project thousands of years ago & this caste system has managed to survive till date. The caste system denies basic human rights to …


Gail Omvedt and Bharat Patankar Documentary Film Promo


  Somnath Waghmare   Title of the film – Gail and Bharat Direction and Camera – Somnath Waghmare Editor- Deepu (Pardeep KP) Promo Editor – Shreemith N   Watch the film’s promo here: {youtube}t1CPxb8J8qk{/youtube}   For years, the mainstream media and academia in India have completely overlooked the struggles and agency of the Dalit-Bahujan people. …


कास्टिस्ट मुंबईस्पिरीट

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  Somnath Waghmare मुंबई… नो नो, बॉम्बे! स्वप्ननगरी!! माझं गिरणी कामगार कुटुंब ठीक २५ वर्षांपूर्वी मुंबई शहरातून खेड्यात स्थलांतरीत झालं होतं. गिरण्या बंद पडल्यामुळे. पण मी आज याच शहरामध्ये भारतात नावाजलेल्या टाटा समाजविज्ञान संस्थेत एमफिल–पिएचडी करत आहे. मुंबईबद्दल एक समज खुप प्रचलित आहे — ‘मुंबईचं स्पिरीट’. ह्याचा अर्थ असा की शहरावर कोणतीही आपत्ती आली तरी …


Fighting Caste through Film: Interview with Pratik Parmar & Somnath Waghmare

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  Vinay Shende Vinay: Jai Bhim friends. Welcome to Ambedkar Age*. In this episode, we shall discuss the issue of film-making. In recent times, we have seen a number of people making films on the issue of Caste, from a Dalit Bahujan perspective – be it Nagraj Manjule or Pa. Ranjith. In continuation of this …