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‘Begumpura Productions’

‘Begumpura Productions’

Dear friends,

Jai Bhim. I’m excited to share about this new journey and the beginning of our ‘Begumpura Productions’- a space we’re creating to tell our stories.

I have spent the last six years working in this elite field of documentary filmmaking with few resources, less privilege and zero caste capital. Very often, young, eager people from various domains approach me for advice on their film ideas, and I assist them in whatever capacity I can. Now, I wish to extend this support and knowledge to the community level, and create a platform for filmmakers from historically oppressed castes. To further this goal, me and my co-founders Suraj Nirmale and Hossein Sabzian have come up with this idea to start a platform in order to bring up the young talent, incorporate stories and experiences from the Dalit movement, and to celebrate the message of equality, freedom and social justice. The idea for this production house has come from Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Productions as an inspiration.

We chose the name ‘Begumpura Productions’ for this endeavor in honor of our Sant Ravidas, who envisioned Begumpura as a
‘casteless, classless Equal society without suffering’.

Through this production house, we would be producing documentaries and short films, short video stories, Interview, video
documentation, arrange filmmaking workshops, organize film screenings, publish reports and reviews.

We lack resources, but we have hoped to run this production house with community support. You can join us as volunteers or work with us as team members, and we welcome new film ideas.

Thank you,

Somnath Waghmare,

Founder, Begumpura Productions