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From Bhaijaan to Bhai, the Slogans that Divide Cultures in Contemporary India

Vinod Kumar On August 8, 2023, front page news in the Times of India reported the violence that recently broke out during communal riots in Haryana. On a usual day, I prefer not to take sides based on what I read because the representation of facts is often minced in the news. However, the article …


India Oh India!

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   Nourin N K India Oh India! Let me call you out-by your nameAt last.India Oh! India!My father’s wallet isStill on quarantine,Sick and coldWe chant “achhe din aayega”To heal what’s stuckIn our throat. What was it? I wonder!My caste? My religion? My rights?Oh! How easily I forget,One after the otherLike my aunt’s unending bitching,The subject …


Buddhist Outlook on Gender Identities as a Delusion

dr amritpal kaur

Dr Amritpal Kaur Identities are culturally located historical formations, open to reinterpretation and dispute. They are culturally, socially and psychologically constructed delusions that tend to reinforce a state of emotionalism on the human self. Nationality, religion, class, caste, race, gender and all are intrinsically responsible for defining the boundaries of human identity. Most of the …


Caste and Climate Justice

Uday Kukde

  Uday Kukde Many international environmental and climate change organisations like The Climate Reality Project, Greenpeace, Fridays for Future, WWF are doing a good job by raising the issue of climate justice. Climate Justice is one of the main issues we should talk about while advocating the climate change movement. These organisations also work through …


Independence from Caste!

milind thokal

Milind Thokal Anniversaries are occasions for remembrance and renewal: these are the stock taking moments, we must introspect our achievements and failures. On this day we must ask ourselves whether we are truly Independent? Does this Independence belong to all of us equally? Has this Independence unfolded its wings to the lower strata of our …