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Caste and access to public spaces: A field study in Suburban Mumbai

vanshree vankar

  Vanshree Vankar In India, the historical context of oppression through occupation has given birth to social stratification via caste culture which includes notions of purity and impurity. This brutal history of thousands of years of discrimination restricts the utility of public space in ways both physical and psychological. In turn, these constraints on the …


In solidarity with TISS students: Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS

soas ambedkar society

  Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS In solidarity with TISS students fighting the onslaught of castiest forces on access to education  Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS, condemns the casteist onslaught on Dalit, Adivasi and OBC students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) campuses across India by denying them access to Post Matric Scholarship. We stand in …


Students’ Strike in TISS Mumbai

tiss 3

  21st February 2018. TISS, Mumbai, observes 100% university strike against privatisation of higher education and withdrawal of financial aid to SC-ST-OBC(NC) students TISS students union gave a call for university strike on 21st February 2018 against the recent notification of TISS admin to withdraw financial aid to GOI-PMS students from SC/ST category across all …


Caste in Muslim Theology

Caste in Muslim Theologies

  Lecture organized by Pasmanda Students in collaboration with Syahi Literary Society, Students Union, on 27 January 2018 At Library Conference Hall, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai Caste in Muslim Theology by Masood Alam Falahi  Professor, Department of Arabic,Khwaja Moinuddin ChishtiUrdu, Arabi-Farsi University,Lucknow   Islam is an egalitarian religion. It does not believe in …