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Review of Dr. Savita Ambedkar’s ‘Babasaheb — My Life with Dr. Ambedkar’

Book Review: “Babasaheb My Life with Dr. Ambedkar” by Dr. Savita Ambedkar translated from the Marathi by Nadeem Khan Rajesh Chandra Kumar & Vinay Damodar Dr. Savita Ambedkar, formerly known as Dr. Sharada Kabir, was born into a middle-class Saraswat Brahmin family and met Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar while he was a patient suffering from a …


A Touch

~ Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man A Touch Your ancestors Forced my ancestors, To drag their dead animals, To skin them and cut them, Eat the dead animal meat, Cheap protein they would say — Animals which were fed Milk, ghee, curd and buttermilk. Your ancestors For years, became ‘impure’ after death. Your ancestors Won’t touch …


Zinda Ho…?

Shubham Kamble

Shubham S. Kamble What does it mean to be alive? It means having life, not being dead or inanimate. I believe it is not enough to live. There are numerous factors that have an impact on life and determine the living path. The basic needs that are required for a good livelihood are food, clothing, …