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कास्टिस्ट मुंबईस्पिरीट

somnath waghmare

  Somnath Waghmare मुंबई… नो नो, बॉम्बे! स्वप्ननगरी!! माझं गिरणी कामगार कुटुंब ठीक २५ वर्षांपूर्वी मुंबई शहरातून खेड्यात स्थलांतरीत झालं होतं. गिरण्या बंद पडल्यामुळे. पण मी आज याच शहरामध्ये भारतात नावाजलेल्या टाटा समाजविज्ञान संस्थेत एमफिल–पिएचडी करत आहे. मुंबईबद्दल एक समज खुप प्रचलित आहे — ‘मुंबईचं स्पिरीट’. ह्याचा अर्थ असा की शहरावर कोणतीही आपत्ती आली तरी …


6th December: Glimpses of a revolution that changed millions of lives

yogesh new

  Yogesh Maitreya 6th December every year means a lot to Dalits all over the world, many of whom have converted to Buddhism as well. Some of them are also a part of the Indian diaspora abroad and are forming a struggle against caste from their host countries. This day has significant importance in their …


Jai Bhim to Ramabai Nagar, the Living Spirit of Resistance


  Yogesh Maitreya On the evening of 5th of December, I, along with my friend who is a photographer, paid a visit to Ramabai Nagar in Ghatkopar East, Mumbai. At the entrance of the colony, a huge statue of Ambedkar stood. Open space in front of it had been cleaned with water, and preparations for …


Chaityabhoomi : A self-conscious stream of class and political consciousness of a misfit amongst misfits

cb 1

  Javed Iqbal From the train, all I did was started to follow a young boy with Jai Bhim tattooed on his arm, and I was soon in a sea of humanity, a blue of Ambedkar, the white of the saris of women, and the currents pushing towards the islands of activity in the middle …