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From Bhaijaan to Bhai, the Slogans that Divide Cultures in Contemporary India

Vinod Kumar On August 8, 2023, front page news in the Times of India reported the violence that recently broke out during communal riots in Haryana. On a usual day, I prefer not to take sides based on what I read because the representation of facts is often minced in the news. However, the article …


Chaityabhoomi Film Project

Chaitanyabhumi film poster

Somnath Waghmare Dear all, I am plannning to edit our Chaityabhoomi film project this month. We plan to complete the edit by mid-July. After that, I want to organize film screenings online and with organisations who are interested in it. We will release the film to all on 6th December, 2021.


Deifying the Migrant Mother and Kolkata’s erasure of Caste

aatika singh

Aatika Singh Pallab Bhowmick, an artist, has come up with the concept of portraying Goddess Durga as a migrant mother for this year’s Durga Pujo in Kolkata’s Barisha club. The finely carved and aesthetically beautiful sculpture is being widely applauded for its progressive form and thought. However, this particular theme showcasing a migrant woman laborer …


White Strings

dr praveen

Dr. R. Praveen Who are you? Where are you from? Which is your native place? What’s your religion? What’s your caste? While these questions loom around… Evoking prejudices that are kindled, depending on the answers.. Biological blobs held in framework of bones… Unicellular, aeons ago. Stand aside and look at anyone, They are no special… …


The twice born parasite

Dhamma Darshan

Dhamma Darshan Nigam The COVID-19 pandemic has made clearly visible the deep chasm of inequality in the Indian society: it is our Bahujan folks who are suffering the most. However, for the Brahminical media and academia (BMA), their suffering is just a “poverty” issue, they portray that people are suffering just because they are poor. …