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Project Heartland

Project Heartland

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Pratik Parmar

Project Heartland captures the struggle of people from marginalised communities mainly Dalits in Gujarat. It shows the courage and determination of Dalit women and men to assert for their rights despite all odds. By capturing these stories of struggle, Project Heartland wants these brave people to be known, recognised and be seen as inspiration to others.


 In this YouTube mini series, we shall bring out different stories from the heartland of Gujarat which nobody tells.

We will release a new episode every fortnight. Subscribe to our channel for more updates.

 In Episode 1 : We focus on Ramji bhai, a Dalit from the Amargadh village, who has been fighting for justice for many years. Even after lots of threats and pressure he hasn’t given up.



 Pratik Parmar comes from a Gujarati Dalit family. He has been working in film industry since 2 years and has directed a documentary called ‘No more now’ which was screened at Budapest, Hungary, and Harvard university. Will soon be screened at other film festivals.