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Dalit Assertion in the State of Gujarat

Satish Parghi In the vibrant tapestry of Gujarat’s socio-political landscape, a significant and powerful movement has emerged— Dalit assertion. Rooted in a history of discrimination and social marginalization, this movement represents the collective voice of Gujarat’s Dalit community striving for equality, justice, and the recognition of their inherent dignity. This article delves into the historical …


The incompatibility of RSS-BJP’s agenda with the idea of India: A Zero Hour prognosis

salman farissi

Salman Farissi In 2019, when BJP won with a bigger majority than ever before, the minorities of the country, especially religious minorities, were not only disappointed but deeply distressed. While they pondered their prospects, followers of the hardcore right-wing, sycophants of Hindutva ideology, were celebrating and contemplating making their idea of Hindu-Rashtra a reality. Before …


There is still time

Surat-fire 1

  Raju Solanki 25 May 2019 It had been only a few hours since Emperor Narendra Modi had been re-elected for a second term in office, like an Avatar of Sri Krishna, by the electorate. The BJP offices all over the country, grand as 5-star hotels, were in a mood of celebration. TV anchors everywhere …


In Gujarat, there’s a conflict between Mahajan culture and Bahujan culture: Raju Solanki

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  Round Table India In this episode of the Ambedkar Age series, Round Table India talks to Raju Solanki, writer, poet and activist based in Ahmedabad. Interviewed by: KuffirCamera and editing: Ahmedabad Talkies In the interview, Rajubhai traces the roots of the Mahajan vs Bahujan conflict in Gujarat. He explains the growth of the Mahajan …


Srilamanthula Chandramohan: an artist’s 11 year struggle against the Indian obscenity law and MS University


Round Table India   Chandramohan has once again stirred up a storm at the M. S. University of Baroda. This award-winning artist was accused of obscenity in May 2007 for his paintings which he had made for his Masters Final Year presentation. Religious groups both Hindu and Christians protested against his ‘vulgar’ depiction of Jesus …