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Delhi University is not Dinesh Singh’s jagir: Udit Raj

Delhi University is not Dinesh Singh’s jagir: Udit Raj

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Gurinder Azad for Neel Kranti Media

The Joint Action Front for Democratic Education (JAFDE), the Alliance for Social Justice (AFSJ) and other organizations called for a demonstration in front of Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi on 19th May, 2013, against Delhi University’s anti-SC/ST/OBC ‘Four Years Undergradutate Program’ (FYUP).

In this demonstration, students from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and Jamia Milia University actively participated.


This video features the views of Dr. Udit Raj and other leaders who addressed the rally.

This four year program which the Vice-Chancellor has made a unique feature of DU, is anti-SC/ST and OBC in nature, according to Dr. Udit Raj. After being forced to implement of reservations for OBCs a few years ago, DU has formulated several policies to exclude marginalised sections. It has remained hell-bent on not accommodating reserved category students and keeping their seats vacant so that they may be transferred to general category students later.

This time it has come up with FYUP program without negotiating with anyone. In fact, to make such a change in the education policy is not in the VC’s domain. But MHRD and UGC did not mind the VC exercising this unconstitutional sovereignty which proves how the whole system is thoroughly casteiest.

This demonstration is the latest in a series of a revolts against casteism in DU.


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