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An Appeal from Ligimol CK

An Appeal from Ligimol CK



Ligimol C K

lijimol4I am Ligimol C K. One year ago I was residing in a rented house owned by Mr. Johnson in Eloor. After some days he stormed to my room along with his wife to beat me and he abused me a lot and moreover insulted me by calling my caste name. Many a times he abused me and called me with caste name. Several times he peeped at me while I am taking bath and he often put mirror in angle to watch me while I am washing clothes. He cut my drinking water connection using hacksaw blade. Even though I was silently suffering all other atrocities as I don’t have an own house, the drinking water disconnection issue forced me to inform the police. But on 03/04/2016 night, after the visit of police staff, he even removed the doors of bathroom and toilet. I called back the police and showed the damages done by the owner. Then I made a written complaint by narrating all the above issues in detail at the Eloor Police Station. But the police rewrote my words and submitted the FIR in the court in favour of the owner. Therefore, the High Court rejected my plea. So I have decided to go for an appeal in Supreme Court.

This issue is not a personal one concerning just me alone. SC / ST people are facing these types of situations in one way or another. That is why I have decided to move to the apex court. If I forgive him now, the next generation SC / ST people will suffer. Hereafter, we don’t need a new Johnson or a new Ligi.

I make my living by sweeping in an office and my salary is just a meagre amount of Rs.6000/- only. So at present I can’t afford the huge amount required to carry out the case in the Supreme Court. So I humbly request you to help me financially for this purpose.
Yours faithfully

Ligi Mol. C.K.
SBI Ac. No. 32113073779
IFSC – SBIN0014582
Thammanam Branch
Mobile: 8943173180


















Translated from Malayalam by Mruduladevi Sasidharan