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Natchathiram Nagargiradhu: How love is a political choice

Hritika Mohite Natchathiram Nagargiradhu is a 2022 Tamil movie directed by Pa. Ranjith. The movie encompasses the themes of caste, gender and sexuality and blends into the larger theme of ‘Love’. It is set in Pondicherry, when a motley theatre group comes together to put forth their views on love while discussing the subject of …


Which came first? Caste or Reservation?

Rahul Kumar Gautam The Past life of Dalits Since the time of Vedas, the people of India have been divided into a hierarchical caste system based on their occupation. According to Hindu scriptures, Brahmins are at the top. Dalits were separated from the four caste hierarchy classes (Varnas) and were referred to as Avarna. According …


Do Brahmins hit and run?

Kuffir Do Brahmins hit and run? Meaning: do Brahmins cause motor accidents and run away? Two recent events say they do. The first event is a film, a work of fiction; the other a real incident which has become stranger than fiction. That’s what triggered these thoughts on accidents. The first narrative refers to the …