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Why do Upper Castes deny the existence of Caste?

Yashwantrao Phule One of the many eccentricities upper caste peers possess is to obstinately deny the existence of caste. This has critically pernicious effects. Baseless arguments are put forth claiming caste to be an evil of the past. Recently, the futile efforts of a few professors to oppose the inclusion of caste as a protected …


Personal, Social, Political – A Few Memories

Rajesh Chavda When I graduated from Columbia Law School with an LLM degree, immediately after the graduation ceremony, still wearing the graduation robe and hat, I was walking with one of my classmates to his room to change, as his hostel was closer to the law school than mine. As we were walking, we met …


The fake glitter of meritoriousness


  Dr.Bhushan Amol Darkase Merit, the discussion about merit in India is remarkable; it is crucial to understand its various aspects. When talking about merit, one must first know its philosophical nature. After examining the definitions of merit, it is clear that it consists of two parts in particular, ‘the quality of being good or …