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Ambedkarite Students’ Association (ASA), TISS, supports BAPSA
bapsa supported by asa - tiss


Ambedkarite Students’ Association (ASA), TISS

Ambedkarite Students’ Association (ASA) – TISS, Mumbai as a student organization firmly believes in the philosophy of Phule, Shahu, Birsa, Ambedkar, Ayyankali, etc. We are pleased to know that an Ambedkarite students’ organization, Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association (BAPSA) is running for the JNUSU election. BAPSA is the first to contest election under the banner of Birsa-Phule-Ambedkar at JNUSU.

bapsa supported by asa - tiss

ASA-TISS extends its full moral support to BAPSA in the JNUSU election and its future endeavors.
Jai Bhim! Jai Phule ! Jai Birsa!


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