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Dalit is a Political Currency


  Jadumani Mahanand The present presidential candidate nominations shows how “Dalit as a subject” has become an instrument of power for the upper caste political parties. About a decade ago, Gail Omvedt observed that Dalit assertion is a democratic upsurge in Indian society. This emphasis on electoral democracy only sidelined the Dalit movement. And evidently, …


Ram Nath Kovind is not a Dalit, Dalit is a Spring of Political Consciousness


  Saidalavi P.C. The propaganda minister in Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels was so sharp in his thinking that we have come to quote his famous aphorism regarding the plausibility of a lie being conceived as a truth if proclaimed often. What is more, we see innumerable imposters of him in our country, wearing clothes stitched …


Why single out BSP for BJP’s success?

vivek kumar

  Vivek Kumar This is with reference to ‘When the Elephant disappears’ (The Hindu, 5 January, 2015). A very general principle in research methodology is that generalizations are not possible if the sampling in a research is purposive. In this context to argue that, ‘one party which could benefit the most from the decline of …


If Dalits do not support Arundhati Roy, they are all pro-hindutva?

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  K. Satyanarayana [This is a comment on the recent article by Dr. N. Sukumar (Dalit Revolution and Hindutva Counter Revolution in Indian Politics) on Round Table India which questioned the new discourse in the opinion columns of mainstream media on how the Dalit movement has supposedly taken a ‘rightward’ shift. Thanks Dr Satyanarayana for keeping the …


Maha Rally Held at Jantar Mantar to Support Dalit Agenda

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  All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations New Delhi, 16 December, 2013. A massive rally was held today at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, in which a large number of SC/ST employees and sympathizers from all over the country,  under the banner of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations, participated. The rally was mainly held for …


A sure way to produce Dalit dropouts

du multiple exit points

  Udit Raj & Hany Babu The article in The Hindu by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, on the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) in the University of Delhi (Op-Ed, “Drop the rhetoric, start the debate,” June 1, 2013) raises certain important issues. The multiple exit points could become traps for …


Delhi University is not Dinesh Singh’s jagir: Udit Raj

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  Gurinder Azad for Neel Kranti Media The Joint Action Front for Democratic Education (JAFDE), the Alliance for Social Justice (AFSJ) and other organizations called for a demonstration in front of Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi on 19th May, 2013, against Delhi University’s anti-SC/ST/OBC ‘Four Years Undergradutate Program’ (FYUP). In this demonstration, students from …


Representation to the President: Review FYUP in Delhi University

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  Text of Representation given to the Visitor Of Delhi University, the President of India, on May 14, 2013 by the Joint Action Front for Democratic Education ~ ToShri Pranab MukherjeeVisitor, University of Delhi & President of IndiaRashtrapathi BhavanNew Delhi. May 14, 2013 The 4-Year Degree at Delhi University: Request to institute a Visitorial inquiry …


The blood drenched land in Lakshimpeta questions the State


Fact Finding Report of Andhra Pradesh Dalit Mahasabha on the Lakshimpeta Massacre Three women whose husbands were alive on June 11th became widows on the 12th. One lost a father, and another woman also lost a husband a few days later. 20 victims suffer and grieve in a hospital, nursing seriously injured limbs and heads, …