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One Million Millionaires & One Billion Hungry Children: What Went Wrong?

One Million Millionaires & One Billion Hungry Children: What Went Wrong?

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In Knowledge and Power, Braj Ranjan Mani tries to comprehend the formation of a world with one million millionaires and one billion hungry children, and asks what went wrong: why do we in the twenty-first century continue to grapple with large-scale injustice, even as knowledge grows to dizzying heights with technology and democracy to disseminate it? Critiquing existing knowledge, power, and social relationships, he renews the debate on fundamental issues and points to the way for a perspective that can enable the reader to ask the right questions and seek answers outside the old and failed frameworks.

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A reader says:

Scholar par excellence Braj Ranjan Mani’s new book Knowledge and Power: A Discourse for Transformation (Manohar, 2014), that was priced rather exorbitantly — Rs. 1250 for a hardbound edition, is now available as a paperback for Rs 450.

The book, provides (among other things) a critical insight into the main currents of global and Indian intellectual history, drawing upon myriad subversive resources, as part of the larger efforts to build a more egalitarian world.

You will find it of vital value, as an academically-inclined reader, since it underlines and brings out the difference between oppressive and liberating fundamentals of knowledge and power. For the blurb, ISBN and publisher’s address, I urge you to please see the enclosed matter.

This is an appeal to help spread this news to your friends and colleagues, in turn, and if possible, buy a copy and make others buy this public-spirited work.

Braj Ranjan Mani is the author of Debrahmanising History: Dominance and Resistance in Indian Society (2005). Knowledge and Power: A Discourse for Transformation (2014) is his second major work. Mani is a maverick non-institutional scholar, and he writes on a range of socio-cultural issues from the perspective of the marginalized.

ISBN 978-93-5098-065-1, Demy 8vo, 2014, 424p. Paperback. High quality production.

Price: RS. 450. Special price: Rs. 350 including the forwarding charges.

If you wish to receive a copy of the book please deposit the amount into our ICICI bank account # 033305003609 & IFSC code no. ICIC0000333 Ansari Road branch in the name of Manohar Publishers & Distributors. Depending on the availability of service, the book will be sent by courier/speed post/regd. book post on receipt of complete payment.

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