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Silent Revolution – The Shudras towards an Enlightened India

subal meher

Subal Meher Babasaheb said, “They cannot make history who forget history”. The term ‘Shudra’ is very difficult to understand. Who are/were they; how did they come to be known by this name? How did they become the fourth varna in the Indo-Aryan society? Many questions like this come up when one tries to understand the …


One Million Millionaires & One Billion Hungry Children: What Went Wrong?

kno 002

  In Knowledge and Power, Braj Ranjan Mani tries to comprehend the formation of a world with one million millionaires and one billion hungry children, and asks what went wrong: why do we in the twenty-first century continue to grapple with large-scale injustice, even as knowledge grows to dizzying heights with technology and democracy to …