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Navayana Buddhism – Context, Debates and Theories

  The Shared Mirror    PRE RELEASE COPY Navayāna Buddhism Context, Debates and Theories     shaileshkumar darokar subodh n.w bodhi s.r Published by   Dedicated to all members of the Navayāna Buddhist Sangha   The Shared Mirror Publishing House The Shared Mirror Publishing House shall endeavour to promote Dalit Bahujan literature and writers. It …


Documenting Bahujan Musical Instruments

chandraiah gopani new 2021

Dr. Chandraiah Gopani The book under review entitled ‘Mula Dhwani’ (Aboriginal Sound) is edited by Jayadhir Thirumal Rao and Guduru Manoja. This book was released in 2019, both in Telugu and English with the same title. In the absence of studies on Bahujan Musical Traditions, the book is a unique work in documenting more than …


Why ‘Radical Dalit’ Yengde is Anti-Ambedkarism: JNU student group

jnu collective

Krittika Aveira Mondal, Deeksha Rahul, Deepak Kumar, Surendra Wankhede, Archana Rahul Khupte, Vruttant Manwatkar and Piyush Kant We are concerned about the growing problem of the commercialization of the Ambedkarite movement. This problem is of selling of victimhood in the name of “Radical Dalitism”, and the pessimism regarding the revolutionary and radical nature of the …


Mahad: The March That’s Launched Every Day – Order Now!

Mahad Book Cover

  The Shared Mirror Publishing House Our new book, Mahad: The March That’s Launched Every Day, from the pioneering human rights activist, Dalit thinker and Ambedkarite leader, Bojja Tharakam (1939-2016), is ready to be ordered. Mahad and the erasure of real history How did mainstream Indian history miss such a watershed event that subterraneously set the …


On Bojja Tharakam’s “Mahad: The March That Is Launched Every Day”

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  Mangesh Dahiwale As Babasaheb Ambedkar remarked once, and I am going to paraphrase, India is united in terms of castes. Caste is the unwritten law that is practiced throughout India. That is why the rebellion against caste must take place wherever it exists. Many people responded to the caste based discrimination throughout India. They …


ओबीसीजनगणनाः संसदिय जीवघेणासंघर्ष?

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प्रा. श्रावण देवरे शिर्डी येथे 27 व 28 जानेवारी रोजी दोन दिवसांची ‘’ओबीसी जनगणना परिषद’’ संपन्न होत आहे. या परिषदेत प्रा. श्रावण देवरे लिखित ‘’ओबीसी जनगणनाः संसदिय जीवघेणा संघर्ष’’ हे पुस्तक प्रकाशित होत आहे. त्या निमित्ताने पुस्तकातील काही भाग आपल्या वाचकांसाठी देत आहे— संपादक  भारताला स्वातंत्र्य मिळाले 15 ऑगस्ट 1947 ला! परकीय सरकार जाऊन स्वकीयांचे …


Chalo Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar!

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  Ambedkarite Students of Mumbai We, Ambedkarite students from Mumbai, strongly condemn the attacks and threat on the life of Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, a highly respected intellectual and scholar of non-Aryan, pre-Vedic knowledge. It is because of his scholarship as one of the greatest scholars on the pre-Vedic, non-Hindu ideology that resisted the Aryan assault …


Dalit writing doesn’t belong to trash bin– An open letter to Dr. J. Devika


  Santhosh Kumar Dalit writer and thinker Sunny Kapicadu’s book ‘Janathayum Janadhipathyavum’ belongs to the garbage bin – says Dr. J. Devika, a famous public intellectual working at the Centre for Development Studies, Kerala. Sunny Kapicadu proposed a perspective different from that of Dr. J Devika regarding the recent controversial confinement of Hadiya. Enraged by …