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Tribals Boycott Census and National Population Register (NPR)

Tribals Boycott Census and National Population Register (NPR)

trbials against caa


Neetisha Xalxo

Tribal groups in a meeting in the Indian Social Institute, Delhi on 23rd February 2020 expressed their concern that the Indian government is determined to mark Tribals as Hindu. And with the same agenda only mainstream religions are mentioned in the census 2020. Sarna, Koytur and other Tribals’ religions have got no place in the column for religions in the census. As a result the Tribal’s religious identity is in dire danger. Therefore there will be no other option than identifying Scheduled Tribe as Hindus. And automatically this country will be identified as a Hindu majoritarian state.

trbials against caa

This step of government is a serious attack on the diverse culture of India. Consequently the indigenous communities of this country will lose their identity.

Therefore the Tribal groups have declared that if the government does not include the column for Tribal religion in the census 2020, then they will not let Tribals being counted for the census and oppose it democratically and non-violently.

It was also decided in the meeting that the Tribals from different regions will participate in large numbers in the anti CAA-NPR-NRC protest that is going to happen in Delhi on 4th of March, and will pressurize government to take this anti-people law back.

Dalits, Tribals, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, transgenders and all progressive prople from all over India are gathering in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar to mark their opposition towards CAA-NPR-NRC on 4th of March at 10 AM.

In its fourth prepatory meeting all the Tribal groups agreed to join this protest in large numbers.

Come with your family!
Give proof that you are alive!!
Otherwise we all will have to live our remaining life in detention centres after 1st April!!!

Date: 4th March 2020
Time: 10 AM – 6 PM
Place: Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
Nearest metro station: Patel chowk (Gate no. 1, Yellow line)