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Thoughts on Tanya Singh’s poetry collection from Panther’s Paw: ‘Blue is the Colour I Choose’


  Chanchal Kumar The Hindi writer Ajay Navaria said in an interview, “We are not Dalits 24 hours a day”. This statement may seem puzzling. Some may think, How can one escape one’s identity at will? The signifier ‘Dalit’ isn’t a uniform that a person can put on for some time and then change into …


Buddhist Outlook on Gender Identities as a Delusion

dr amritpal kaur

Dr Amritpal Kaur Identities are culturally located historical formations, open to reinterpretation and dispute. They are culturally, socially and psychologically constructed delusions that tend to reinforce a state of emotionalism on the human self. Nationality, religion, class, caste, race, gender and all are intrinsically responsible for defining the boundaries of human identity. Most of the …


Reflections On Contemporary Navayana Buddhism – Context, Debates and Theories

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  The Shared Mirror    PRE RELEASE COPY Reflections on Contemporary Navayāna Buddhism Context, Debates and Theories     Shaileshkumar Darokar Subodh Wasnik bodhi s.r Published by   Dedicated to all members of the Navayāna Buddhist Sangha The Shared Mirror Publishing House The Shared Mirror Publishing House shall endeavour to promote Dalit Bahujan literature and …


Tribals Boycott Census and National Population Register (NPR)

trbials against caa

  Neetisha Xalxo Tribal groups in a meeting in the Indian Social Institute, Delhi on 23rd February 2020 expressed their concern that the Indian government is determined to mark Tribals as Hindu. And with the same agenda only mainstream religions are mentioned in the census 2020. Sarna, Koytur and other Tribals’ religions have got no …


A Revolutionary Icon of ‘Anti-Dalitism’ – Leader Raja Dhale


  Vruttant Manwatkar It has now been quite a few days since the demise of Raja Dhale, a Revolutionary Leader of the movement of Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. His death suddenly brought back a plethora of critical developments in the form of intimate memories associated with him. My pen wouldn’t have forgiven my mind …


General Elections 2019: A Short Comment on Muslim Representation

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  Khalid Anis Ansari In most academic and journalistic representations of the Muslim-minority space there is a persistent emphasis on the underrepresentation of Muslim legislators in various legislative bodies. The population proportion of Muslims has increased from the immediate post-partition phase of 10.4% to 14.2% in the 2011 Census. However, in the Lok Sabha Muslim representation …