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Because I am a Girl: The story of a Tribal Girl

Shankar Gugoloth (From Ethnographic Fieldwork) “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar We are all facing the pandemic crisis and living in an uncertain period; even now, we hear of many stories of domestic violence at home, abuse of girls, rape of …


Oscars and Epistemic violence on the Indigenous tribes of India

Dr. Abhijit Shahaji Khandkar Both the Oscar wins for India have indigenous tribes at their heart. A lot has been written about the insensitive treatment and portrayal of the Gond tribes in RRR. That’s no surprise coming from Rajamouli who is openly casteist and wears his Hindutva on his sleeves. The tribal characters, right from …


The Misunderstood Identity Of Adivasis: An Overview

Chhotelal Kumar  Adivasis are often referred to as ‘aboriginal’, ‘autochthonous’, or ‘tribal’. However, the government classified them as Scheduled Tribes, which is more of an administrative status than a meaningful community classification. This classification generalises everyone, and it is an example of colonial continuity. However, there is a distinction between being Adivasi and being Tribal. …