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Three poems by Samkutty Pattomkary

Three poems by Samkutty Pattomkary


Samkutty Pattomkary

Translated from Malayalam by Sreekala Sivasankaran


1. Sea Horses in the Memories


When the blue doors open

Mother cries in the tender coconut shell


Like a pecked out navel

Novel rhythm oozes


The dalit pastor screams

To the bud-rotten cross


Let the leaves sprout

Would become the tree

Says the cross


Water-drunk virgin soil

The devil-spat holy land


As the eyes are cooled by covering

On the swing of the river stem

Little mynahs singing

Crying songs


Not to throw away

Not to break

Not even to be the oil stains


Birth-strung is this

Stirring sea cry:

Oh, amman and ammi have



2. Louse writes love letter


In the wild beauty of

your braided hair

A louse is crawling, lady

In your moving mouth

A tooth is aching


You’re thinking

For the saint, louse is a resource

For you, a ‘ damn it’


For the ass, a cry

For the old man, a desolation

For the dog, a whole coconut


The louse in your head lines

Writes a love letter

You may scratch it as you please.


3. Walking


Walking is a whirlwind


How these thousand miles are created in my room?


Walking is chagrin of the river

Of the grammatically wrong language


Standing on the right leg

The left leg-pencil draws the circle


Yet walking is no monotony

Of the lonely movement of the compass


Its philosophical source

The nest protected by the branch.


Samkutty Pattomkary is an artist and theater director based in Thrissur, Kerala. He writes poems in Malayalam 

Sreekala Sivasankaran is a poet, writer and translator based in Kottayam, Kerala