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Two Translated Poems Of Wamandada Kardak

Dr. Abhijit Shahaji Khandkar Poem 1: (Original poem in Marathi) English Translation – Poem 2: Original Poem in Marathi English Translation – ~~~ Dr. Abhijit Shahaji Khandkar is a pathologist and writer with a keen interest in translation. He observes the microcosm world under the lens of his microscope and macrocosm of society with his …


With Love

G. Sasi With Love, Soumini, You said that black is beautiful Poets have sung it Then, How did the black people get humiliated? We are not the ones who suck blood and sweat We are melting… The blazing sun and the burning earth are not tending us Mother, There is no space for the black …


Prabuddha Bharat cover page – Special edition for Mahatma Phule’s Death Anniversary

prabuddha bharat cover

Vinay Shende The following is the English translation of the famous Cover Page of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Weekly called Prabuddha Bharat. It was published on 1st of December,1956. It was a special edition for Mahatma Jyotiba Phule’s death anniversary. The translation has been done part by part and each part’s picture is shown for better understanding. …


Is Fascism knocking at the door?

Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy

  Dr. Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy Valedictory Speech delivered at Vidrohi Sahitya Sammelana held on 24-12-2017 in Shahada, Nandurbar district, Maharashtra Hon. President of the Sammelana, the dignitaries on the Dais and the august literary audience before me. I am extremely happy to be present here today for two reasons. One is my poems are getting published …


Munnar: To the Destroyers and Hijackers of the Protest, and the Media – Gomathi speaks

gomathi g

  Gomathi G “Why are you so scared of this protest by us three women?“ The unpleasant incidents of yesterday (Thursday), that happened around midnight in the temporary protest tent of Pomplai Orumai near the Gandhi square in the Munnar market road, reveal certain things. It includes the plan of certain political parties to completely …