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India and its contradictions

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  Raju Chalwadi This August 15th marked the completion of 70 years of Independence. The preamble of the constitution way back in 1950 defined India as a place where Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity will prevail and more specifically a place where oppressed sections will live a life with dignity. But, looking at the current …


The Myth of Tolerant India

raju chaluwadi

  Raju Chalwadi The Idea of a Tolerant India is socially constructed by the upper castes and the ruling elites. History demonstrates that those who upheld such idea were most intolerant in their action and thought. The debate on intolerance which started with the Dadri mob lynching now seems to be losing discourse in the …


Dissent and the Oppressed

raju chalwadi

  Raju Chalwadi Our plural society is going through one of its most fragile phases; the very notion of its multi-identity is under threat. The irony is that the threat is not from outsiders but from its own citizens who are trying to impose their version of history, culture and nationalism on “others.” Since the …