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Reservation for Upper Castes: First Step to Eliminate Reservation and Change the Constitution

jitendra suna

Jitendra Suna   The government of India has brought out a bill in a day without the knowledge of its citizens and stakeholders of the reservation system. BJP government after an unsuccessful attempt to scrap the SC/ST Atrocity Act have started another vicious act of tampering with the constitution through reservation policy. This time they …


Reservation and the Creamy Layer Principle – Solving the Puzzle

sthabir khora 1

  Sthabir Khora The issue of creamy layer among SC/ST has finally reached the Supreme Court ( There is no escape from debating this issue now. Social issues always have more than one side. The issue of creamy layer has already been discussed by a few – against creamy layer (Chaudhury, 2004; Srinivas, 2007; Sundaram, …


On the Hate Reservations Band Wagon

ajit jadhav

  A.K.D. Jadhav Chetan Bhagat’s article “Creaming the People” (TOI October 3, 2015) is a piece with the general stream of thinking in educated upper middle class India. In terms of its response to the genesis and consequences of reservations this stream of thinking is based on certain fundamental but fallacious assumptions regarding the raison …


Let’s skim the upper caste creamy layer


(This is the second part of the article ‘The compulsive need to oppose reservations’, continued from here) Kuffir What does Pratap Bhanu Mehta really want? He wants ‘alternative paradigms‘ other than caste based reservations to be considered. Why? To build a sense of ‘common citizenship’. His worry is ‘we are also about to do that to …


Caste through Democracy part-II


Prabin Dhangada Majhi Even the staunchest supporters of reservation flinch at the question of rich SC/ST students hogging the quota.The following discussion, on a request from fellow blogger Yayavar, assumes we have a similar understanding of the reservation policy which I have outlined previously. So I’ll build up on that, and in case we differ, …