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Reservation for Upper Castes: First Step to Eliminate Reservation and Change the Constitution

Reservation for Upper Castes: First Step to Eliminate Reservation and Change the Constitution

jitendra suna

Jitendra Suna


jitendra sunaThe government of India has brought out a bill in a day without the knowledge of its citizens and stakeholders of the reservation system. BJP government after an unsuccessful attempt to scrap the SC/ST Atrocity Act have started another vicious act of tampering with the constitution through reservation policy. This time they are eyeing to dilute and scrap the reservation policy which was meant for socially and educationally backward communities. Now, this government is trying to bring an amendment to the constitution for the inclusion of upper castes in the reservation system.

They are proposing 10% reservation for upper castes. In other words, it is one of the many steps to tamper with and change the constitution towards the destruction of the reservation policy on the basis of exclusion and historical injustice. The act of constitutional amendment which is proposed by the government should stop at any cost, or else it will completely give an open chit to the Savarna community to eliminate reservation policy which they have been eying for long. Various research studies have earlier shown that educational, economic, political and all kinds of government and non-governmental institutions have been monopolized by upper castes. Now, it seems that whatever the representation through reservation policy Dalit, Adivasi and OBCs got, the upper castes want to snatch away those as well. Reservation for upper castes and a constitutional amendment will be the deathblow to the very essence of social justice and reservation policy.

In colonial India it was the ruling class/castes which were getting reservation. It is in later phase that leaders like Shahuji Maharaj started giving reservation to the ex-untouchable communities. After a long struggle, leaders of anti-caste movement achieved reservation policy for Dalits and Adivasis.  Reservation policy which was introduced in the Indian constitution was not a program for poverty elimination. Therefore an economic criterion was not given any place in it. Dalits and Adivasis were ostracised by the Hindus for thousands of years. They have been excluded from all the institutions; they were debarred from any human rights. They were not considered as human, so forget about human rights. Reservation was given to SC/ST community for three specific reasons. First, because of the historical injustice which Hindus have perpetrated on them. Second, the complete exclusion of these communities from all the institutions and all walks of life, and third, it was a matter of representation.

Now the current regime of fools, bigots, and fanatics want to bring a constitutional amendment to provide reservation for economically weaker section of so-called upper castes. Reservation for upper castes is an insult to the social justice movement, framers of the constitution itself. The upper caste people have developed deep hatred against the reservation policy and so against the Dalit Adivasi and OBCs communities. As a result, across the country, upper caste people have protested and brought about a deliberate debate to scrap reservation, and when they could not do it, they have started advocating reservation on the basis of economic criteria.

It is also important to understand that the BJP government has no other option left to fool/appease its core vote bank i.e. upper castes. BJP have tried to bring in the debate of Ram Mandir but it is not working anymore the way they want.  They have promised youth to bring lakhs of jobs. Promises such as elimination of black money, corruption, and to bring in development have failed miserably. This country ruled by liars, fanatics, and lunatics has never bothered to create jobs, bringing a stable economy and opportunities for its citizens. In this context, reservations for the upper castes is one of the suitable and of course unsafe tricky games started by BJP. Unsafe and tricky because of this BJP is going to face the wrath of the weaker sectiosn of the population of the country and it is suitable because it will appeal to the majority of the fools and castiest population (mostly upper caste youth).

It has already been known with the starting of reservation policy that left has a different stake in it, they never supported the reservation policy. However, over a period of time they had no option left, but to support. Congress showing its true colour of castiest nature and supported the government move. All the so-called progressive and regressive elements came openly in support of reservation for upper castes. CPI (M), Congress, Trinamool Congress, AAP, RLSP, RLD, and others. Including all these groups, all the upper caste sections of parties and movement are happily celebrating. However, chamchas/stooges are much happier than their masters. In fact, it is the Chamchas who have started arguing for reservation for upper castes. These Chamchas such as Udit Raj, Athawale and others need a proper lesson from the community.

What is unfortunate and disheartening is the support of BSP supremo Mayawati on the matter. However, it is not surprising because in 2011 Mayawati wanted to give reservation for the upper castes. If Mayawati and BSP are not understanding the gravity of the situation of the tampering with the core of the reservation policy, then there is something seriously wrong with the party and for that BSP will pay a bitter price in the coming future.

Last time BJP tried to tamper with the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act) and they paid the price for that, they witnessed widespread protests that sparked all over India. It is time for Dalit, Adivasi, and OBCs to show the the notorious BJP and their chamchas their place. Now, it is time for them to organise. It seems from the current fact that no political parties understand the grave situation going on currently and what the BJP is up to. In such a situation, communities who are oppressed by this very Brahmanical castiest society cannot sit silently.



Jitendra Suna is an M.Phil research scholar at the Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion at Jawaharlal Nehru University and is a member of BAPSA.

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