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Reservation not only in jobs and appointments but also in Supreme Court!

Reservation not only in jobs and appointments but also in Supreme Court!

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BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association)

The Hindu Indian state once again reiterates its Brahmanical agenda by trying to scrap reservation for the oppressed. For the brahmanical state apparatus and its civil society the marginalized have always only been their slaves, cheap workers, manual scavengers, house cleaners who deserve to live and die in ghettos & slums.

The merit, talent of the marginalized, oppressed identities are not talents, but they are considered by the brahmanical society as a gift of the reservations they had provided as a surplus. At first, the right wing political parties supported by BJP created a false propaganda that reservation is dividing society, and adopted all the unlawful means to kill the dreams of oppressed communities. Since the priestly Brahmins could not do much, the secular Brahmins have fulfilled the unfulfilled dreams of all the Brahmins. With the recent judgement by the Supreme Court, the entire existence of SC,ST&OBC communities is jeopardized. The Brahmanical court, right after BJP came to power in 2014, has been showing its true nature in paralysing all institutions.

bapsa bannerCarrying this brahmanical oppression further, the RSS/BJP led Modi government aims to curtail all marginalized aspirations by curbing reservations and thus making brahmanical hegemony last for eternity. With the help of Brahmanical forces, the Supreme Court has altered basic ethos of the constitution.The Brahmincal court has interpreted constitution as saying that reservation is not a fundamental right, and therefore, the state is not bound to provide reservation for SC, ST &OBC communities. The guardians of justice have thus become muderers of social justice.

BAPSA condemns this barbaric & primitive attempt of the Brahmanical state to suppress and oppress the marginalized identities and exploit their humanity just for the sake of making a Hindu Rashtra. We also demand extending reservation not only in the public sector but also in the private sector and most importantly, from District Courts to the Supreme Court. This will stop the monopoly and dominance of Brahmanical forces and more importantly, of a single community over institutions of justice. This will help in constructing a just society where oppressed citizens wouldn’t be taken as a burden but treated as dignified citizens of this country.

We also warn the ruling Hindutva regime not to play with the aspirations of Dalits Bahujan Tribals of this nation and to totally scrap their misadventure to do away with any kind of reservation.