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Tandav, A Plot to Suppress the Ideological Space of Phule Ambedkarites

ajay choudhary

  Ajay Choudhary Indian society, which is plagued by caste discrimination, is often triggered by emotional and sentimental issues. The prevailing unscientific and irrational formal education system is unable to foresee and resolve such issues. While it is easy to mock, deep exploration of human experience reveals that informal education has instigated more students and …


Reservation not only in jobs and appointments but also in Supreme Court!

bapsa banner

  BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association) The Hindu Indian state once again reiterates its Brahmanical agenda by trying to scrap reservation for the oppressed. For the brahmanical state apparatus and its civil society the marginalized have always only been their slaves, cheap workers, manual scavengers, house cleaners who deserve to live and die in …


Mockery of Electoral System in Central University of Gujarat

vinod and hawaldar

  Vinod Kumar & Hawaldar Bharti Student movements in general, and students’ union election system in particular, have systematically been made non-effective through various government rulings by several electoral reform committees, particularly Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. In most of the Universities either there is no system of student representatives who can raise their voice for the …


In the name of fear: Deconstructing dominant discourse of Left in JNU

default image

  Akash Sulochana Here I wish to deconstruct the ‘Narrative of fear’ used as a part of the dominant discourse of left in JNU as a part of their political propaganda: a. If you do not vote for us, ABVP will come.b. If you vote for BAPSA, the vote will be split, and ABVP will …


The Bharat Bandh on 5th March – A Report

pavan khadse

Pavan S Khadse March 05, 2019 was a historical & revolutionary day for Bahujans because, for the first time in the country’s history a unity was noticed amongst Bahujans beyond political motives. When I am using the term ‘Bahujan’, it  includes SC/ST/OBC and converted religious minorities. Bahujan have always revolted against the brahmanical ideology and …


Can BAPSA assert its hidden Marxist potential?

vishal V

  Vishal Verma JNU students have elected their students’ union for the year 2018-19, the Left unity (AISA-DSF-SFI-AISF) swept all four seats in the central panel, with most of the school councillor seats. In the Left camp while people are celebrating the victory of record margin, the worry part of the story is ABVP still …


BAPSA: A challenge to the ABVP and Pseudo-Left in JNU

bapsa central panel 2018

 Manikanta Pallikonda Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association (BAPSA-JNU), an independent Ambedkarite students’ organization, is contesting the 2018 JNU Students’ Union elections.This is the fourth election since the inception of BAPSA in 2014, and a steady increase in its consolidated vote share gives us hope that more and more students on campus view it as an …


University as a Subject to Truth-process

vishal V

 Vishal Verma                                                                      The word ‘university’ is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium,(Latin: universtas, ‘a whole’) which roughly means ‘community of teachers and scholars’. The term ‘university’ was first used in the 14th century. But, as we know from history, there existed well-established universities much before the 14th century, including Nalanda University. Certainly, …


From Stigma to Assertion: BAPSA in JNU campus

Amit Kumar PIc

  Amit Kumar As an active member of BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association), I had contested twice for the post of councilor from the S.I.S (School of International Studies), JNU. It left a deep imprint on my mind and this experience has really helped me in evolving my personality. Cutting the stigma, coming to …