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Call for Volunteers: For Translation of Marathi Ambedkarite literature
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Dipankar Kamble

Jai Bheem to all Ambedkarite sisters and brothers! This is a call for volunteers for translation and proofreading of Ambedkarite literature from Marathi to English. As we all know, there is a lot in Marathi when it comes to Ambedkarite literature.

ambedkar reading

 It’s an ocean full of literature and merely a few buckets from that ocean have been translated to English.

The Shared Mirror-Round Table India have embarked on the project of translating some important books and literature and publishing them in the form of books.

The criteria for being a volunteer in this project:

 * Volunteer should be an Ambedkarite by thought.

 * Should be proficient in Marathi and English.

 * Maharashtrian student pursuing English literature shall have an edge.

The Shared Mirror and Round Table India are community based platforms, which means it will be difficult to pay the volunteers against their labor but we will try to provide some honorarium to respect the intellectual labor volunteered by our Ambedkarite sisters and brothers.

Interested people can send their applications and CVs to:


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