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Priyadarshini Ohol: In the Flow State

Priyadarshini Ohol: In the Flow State

in the flow


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Priyadarshini Ohol requests the pleasure of your company at 

Priyadarshini Ohol: In The Flow State

 a Solo Exhibition of her Paintings

in the flow

in the gracious presence of

Padmashri Biman B. Das, Eminent Artist, Chairman AIFACS

Prof. Niren Sen Gupta, Eminent Painter, Former Principal College of Art, Delhi

At Gallery A, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society (AIFACS)

1, Rafi Marg, Central Secretariat, New Delhi, 110001

The exhibition will remain open from 11 – 7 pm daily until 12th April 2018


Priyadarshini Ohol is known for her innovative, bold, contemporary art that combines techniques, styles, media, tools, textures to affect the viewer. She combines dichotomies. Impressionism with expression, fluid art with brush/knife work, abstractions of landscapes, chaos with minimalism, exploring and playing with the material properties of canvas, paint, colour, texture, light, and space.

priyadarshini with painting

She grew up through challenging socioeconomic conditions in Thane – a suburb of Bombay, India. Priyadarshini often feels emotions, experiences, people, words as if they are colours and vice versa. As a child, she would draw something for her favorite teacher every day before school ended, until she ran out of colours. Asking for anything, let alone colours wasn’t an option, so she left them behind as she went through a subsidized convent school, supported her Mechanical Engineering degree through modelling, ran a couple of businesses, changed things as an activist and almost entered politics while gradually moving back towards the arts by taking acting lessons in Delhi.

Tragedy struck in the form of a ski accident in the Kashmir Himalayas. So she took time out for surgery & recuperation. The natural abundant Himalayan surroundings in Dharamshala added to her life experiences and opened a new approach. Previously, time spent on the back allowed her to gaze and study the skies with a different perspective than the norm. She consumes to create, collecting experiences and piece impressions in her mind palace, building mental pictures until she reaches a need for expression.

About The Collection

By mid-2016, the artist, seeking a free and creative environment, was painting prolifically in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The abundant Himalayan region catalyzed emotional freedom and innovation which reflects in her art. This collection showcases the progression from the landscape and impressionistic works such as abstract skyscapes and floral abstracts to complete abstract expressionism.

Priyadarshini Ohol Fantasies Acrylic on Canvas 48 H x 36 W inches 2017


Priyadarshini Ohol Reminisce About HalcyonTimes Acrylic on Canvas 36 H x 48 W inches 2017


Priyadarshini Ohol Shiva Acrylic on Canvas 40 H x 30 W inches 2017