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The Endless Canvas of Natarajan’s Art


  Anbuselvam A twenty-days painting exhibition titled an ‘Endless Canvas’ was held at Auroville Kala Kendra, Centre for Arts in Puducherry from 2015 September 25 to October 17. This exhibition showcased 35 paintings with the subjects unveiling an ancient anthropological view, acrylic brushed by a well-known thinker, cultural activist and a predominant Dalit artist K. …


Mapping Gender: Bodies & Sexualities in Contemporary Art across the Global South

mapping gender

  Exhibition and Events 16th November – 3rd December at School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). [Via Shaheen Ahmed] The topic of gender, gender-based violence, fetishization, and casteism in contemporary works of art by twenty artists launches in a few days in New Delhi. Including video, performance art, photography, painting and drawing …