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Protest against FYUP at Jantar Mantar

Protest against FYUP at Jantar Mantar

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Joint Action Front for Democratic Education

A massive demonstration will be organized at Jantar Mantar on 22 June, in which teachers, students, academics, political leaders, and members of the civil society will participate.

protest against fyup 1

The Joint Action Front for Democratic Education is compelled to organize another demonstration. We have been conveying our concerns to the Government through all the ways and means such as holding demonstrations, organizing meetings with academics and intellectuals, and meeting leaders of different social and political organizations. We fail to see how the Government can ignore the voices of people from all walks of life and especially SC, ST, and OBC. Most of the political parties like BJP, LJP, JD(U), CPI(M), and CPI have take a stand against FYUP.

The fight against FYUP is no longer confined to Delhi University. The civil society is taking lead and has vowed to fight till FYUP is scrapped. FYUP violates the national education policy adopted by the Parliament in 1986. It is surprising that the Congress led Government is not honouring the policy ushered in by its own leader the late Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

We call upon all democratic organizations and members of the civil society to participate in the demonstration on June 22.


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