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Rainbow casteism and racism in the queer community is alienating us

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  Sophia I entered the Delhi queer movement in my early 20s, as a complete outsider in terms of language, origin, race, class, and caste identity. I wanted to bring change to the status quo and challenge the existing caste and class hierarchy that pervaded the movement. I started my initiative and became a vocal …


Neoorientalism and Scopophilia in the work of Mayank Austen `Sufi’


Umar Nizar The road to hell is paved with good intentions. With the rather misleading moniker `Sufi’, social media celebrity and Arundhati Roy groupie, Mayank Austen Soofi ambles around Delhi, chronicling the lives of the apparently destitute. This has earned him accolades in the form of invitations to the `Serendipity Arts Festival’ in Goa and …


Manipur Students’ Call for Joint Mass Protest

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  MSAD’S Call for Joint Mass Protest As always been the victim of State policies since Manipur became a part of this political entity called India in 1949, Manipur has always been a centre of political crisis and upheaval, a theatre of resistance too. The present uncertainties faced by the people of Manipur are manifestations of …