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Meeting You


  Chanchal Kumar “Tumko maine bataya AK called me? He is releasing his second book at India Habitat Centre and he wants me to read at the event. Unkey doosre poet friends will read their poems too.”“So talented boy! Kab hai ye?”“Next week. Sunday, 7th.”“Arrey yaar!”“Kya?”“Uss din hamara welcome party hai, Arunachal Bhawan mei. I …


Federalism and Punjab

Jaspal Singh Sidhu

Jaspal Singh Sidhu First of all, it is my reservation, most people might not like that, I don’t call India a country. I call it a subcontinent, South Asia. In history, it has never been one country, if we go back. Nehru said, India has been one country (‘unity in diversity’), it was a 5000 …


Roar of the Lioness : Shaheen Bagh

salman farissi 2020

Salman Farissi Religion and Politics have most often shown derision towards the fairer sex – women. Patriarchy was rampant across the globe but history has been a gentle friend of women as when stories were told and historians started writing and narrating them, the real power of the fairer sex began dominating the arena of …


End the Lockdown

Naveen nijam gara

  Naveen (Nijam) Gara India’s tryst with COVID-19 Pandemic began with a Nationwide lockdown on March 25, 2020. The shock and awe specialist Prime Minister Narendra Modi approached the issue with the same theatrics that he displayed during demonetization. Events that unfolded ever since have shown the utter disregard and rather disdain for the poor …


How the Brahmin beat Corona

nidhin myth

  Kuffir (Round Table India is doing a series to put together the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic) Anu Ramdas: I would like to ask two questions. First, the updates you posted on the callousness exhibited by India in terms of not checking and isolating incoming travelers, can you please elaborate on them? Kuffir: …